Maintenance-Free Landscaping Solutions

Our rock retaining walls are designed to Australian standards. They incorporate innovative design and construction methodologies that reward you with a lifetime of maintenance-free landscaping solutions on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Ipswich, Upper Coomera, the Sunshine Coast, Gladstone and northern NSW.

While decorative, our retaining walls form a highly functional component of many landscape design projects. Crafted from a variety of materials, including sandstone, bluestone, boulders and porphyry rock, a retaining wall can alleviate environmental issues such as soil erosion.

At Australian Rock Walls, we have utilised all manner of retaining walls in our landscape designs, from decorative boulder walls to functional retaining walls and large-scale acreage retaining walls. For whatever purpose you require a wall, we will collaborate with you to design a retaining wall that is both functional and adds ambience to the landscape. We utilise high-grade rock within our designs such as porphyry, sandstone and bluestone.

Naturalistic boulder retaining walls are by far our most popular retaining wall application, especially among gardening enthusiasts. This is a fun and wonderful way to express your personality and love for nature, displaying many hardy vibrantly coloured perennials, annuals and trees throughout.

The boulder retaining walls we design will recreate a naturalistic bluff feature, keeping your personal and professional planting requirements in mind! Thus, it provides numerous planting pockets throughout, while still retaining the appeal of a natural hillside.

Replace ageing or rotting timbers, railroad ties or cracking concrete in your sleeper walls with an environmentally friendly boulder retaining wall. Remember, when “Timber” means “Timber” the wall is falling, it is time to replace it!

Upgrade to safer, healthier, life-lasting natural stone. Many timbers contain arsenic that can leach into the soil, exceeding levels the state considers unsafe. Contact Australian Rock Walls to handle the entire process—from demolition to the safe disposal of your ageing or failing timbers and railroad ties. Call our team on 0411 741 150 to request a quote. We also construct commercial walls and can build by hand.